Grant Clark

Sustainable new year’s resolution for those who start strong and taper off.

Strength training is the performance of physical exercises designed to improve strength and endurance, especially in a particular area of the body or for a particular goal.

Strength training has a variety of personalities, and unfortunately the dominant one has been the intimidating hit-the-gym-hard beast mode. While this can be a lot of fun for people who like to go hard and push their bodies to the absolute limits, it can also mean the death of the New Year’s resolution (or a resolution to start moving and exercising at any time of year, for that matter!).

In this video, I go over the benefit of trying something different: bite-sized portions more often in the week, focusing on exercises that you want to improve. For example, if you want to improve upper body strength, it may be more effective to practice a few push-ups every day, practice your arm circles or focus on the first 10 minutes of a calisthenics routine (Click Here for our 10-20 minute Routine) for example.


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Reduce stress and add flexibility and endurance

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We are open for in-person private sessions and we are offering a selection of in-person and virtual classes. Our current online class schedule is:

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