Grant Clark

“I don’t even know HOW to relax, or the last time I felt relaxed.” – everyone who comes into my studio for the first time.

Relaxation isn’t about sitting, doing nothing and being free from responsibilities. You can be completely relaxed while still going about even your most arduous activities.

Relaxation is a complex system involving your mind, body, expectations and awareness. It involved a little faith. It’s accepting the moment for what it is, and being settled in who you are, right now. It’s letting go of a heavy burden called The Need For Control. It’s omitting “should” from your vocabulary.

What would it look like for you to feel relaxed? How would your aches, your mood and your interactions with others improve?

If you don’t even know where to begin in achieving even a semblance of relaxation, try this:

– Sit or lay in a comfortable position for 3 minutes.

– You have 3 minutes right?

– Now breathe in for 4 seconds.

– Imagine you’re breathing in a refreshing breeze of relaxation.

– Now hold your breath for 4 seconds.

– Imagine that relaxation getting absorbed by every cell and muscle in your body

– Now breathe out for 4 seconds.

– Imagine all the stale tension and negative thoughts leaving your body.

– Hold your exhale for 4 seconds.

– Imagine negativity and tension eking out of your pores.

– Repeat.

I hope this helps! And if you want to know more, we offer a 30-minute complimentary assessment so you can get a start on your journey to feel better, less tense, and more rejuvenated.

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